Friday, March 28, 2008

Chin Ups and a Green Thumb?

The girls were at the doctor's office with Dad yesterday afternoon, and the boys spent time in the back yard doing chin ups on a tree branch. They were both successful... (Here's Mikey in blurred action.)...until Jimmer said he can't do one when I'm trying to take a picture of him. I suggested that he concentrate on what he's doing instead of thinking about the camera. He said, "I do concentrate, but it makes me turn my head." So, there you have it! I always thought (especially when studying in college) that concentrating tends to make one's eyes heavy, but for Jimmer it makes his head turn! Here is his struggle!After they did their chin ups, they peered over to the much neglected side yard and spotted a new, mammoth sticker plant. Being research minded like his dad, Mikey decided to get out the tape measure. Ack! 3 ft. 5 inches...and I didn't even TRY to grow the thing.
Why is it when I TRY to keep a NICE plant alive, I have much more trouble than the enormous weeds that are completely ignored? I've always joked that any plant that's still alive in our yard (or home for that matter) since we've lived here is simply a "volunteer."

I'm hoping our newly planted seedlings do as well this year in our garden. More on that later...

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Angela said...

That is sooo funny! I love the picture of Mikey measuring the sticker bush! I was just asking myself the same thing last night.. why can't I keep plants alive?!??!?! I finally went through the house and took all the struggling plants and threw them away. I was feeling like they were bad feng shui (unhealthy plants = unhealthy people). Okay, I know that sounds ridiculous- and I'm not new agey at all- but, hey- I figured, if there is any truth to that, and they are giving off bad energy than OUT they must go. ANYTHING to get rid of this awful flu bug around here!! ;)