Saturday, March 29, 2008

Decorating our spring?

Okay, one of our Crape Myrtle (or as Joe now calls it, "Crate Myrtle") trees that we trim back every year in our front yard has been "decorated" by the kids like this for almost a week now. Since they do this frequently, I hardly notice it anymore and don't even think to take the "decorations" down. So, all who drive by our house can see our otherwise unlively tree--oftentimes with one or two kids in it! So far, whenever this has happened, we haven't been fined by our homeowners association. I will say that it is quite an attraction for other kids who come over to play. They want to climb the tree to use all the gear.If you can actually see what's in the picture, there's an arrow holder, a cut branch set up as a place to lean/sit, a crate...for whatever other gear they require at the time, 3 different ropes ('nough said), and a bucket to hoist other essentials from below.

Last year, our neighbors returned to America after being gone for a couple of years. After they were back it took me a few weeks before I realized that we still had a kid's plastic chair, ropes, and a small table in their tree that, for the record, is very close to our shared property line!

Also for the record...
This neighbor's tree I just mentioned is the same tree our entire family climbed into for our Christmas photo a couple of years ago! Here's the shot.

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Lisa said...

That is beautiful. I wish we had a big tree like that to climb in. True, Baby Girl would fall right out, but maybe I could hold her?
I love it!