Monday, March 24, 2008

Deep thoughts from our boys...

Since I just started blogging in March and because Jimmer is still so young, he is dominating the area of current funny quotes around here. I may add some of the other kids' quotes I've documented throughout the years in an archived posting sometime. Until then...Jimmer almost has a monopoly in this area!

Jimmer: "The only thing about malls I like is the smell of fresh giant pretzels. I really don't like anything else about them."

4/4/10 (During Easter Vigil Mass during the repetitive kneeling of the litany of the saints)
Jimmer: "If we kneel any more times, the spring in my Jack-in-the-box is going to break."

6/15/08 (World Economics)
Mikey: "Our ping pong table and Playmobil toys were made in Germany, we have a hat that was made in Vietnam, and other things made in different places. But most everything seems to be made in CHINA! Things CAN be made in America, but I guess we don't see much of that stuff."

Jimmer (after brushing his teeth with his spin brush...):
"Do you know what I just did, Mom?
Mom: "Brushed your teeth?"
Jimmer: "Yep, but I also washed my face...with my toothbrush. I just got some water on it and brushed all around."
Mom: "You washed your face with your toothbrush turned ON?"
Jimmer (with a very big, proud smile): "Yep!"

Jimmer (getting out of bed in the morning): "Mom, do you know how I fell asleep last night? I was like this (on his stomach) with this hand here (under his pillow) and this hand here (hanging down the side of his bed). I think having my arms like that turned my brain off, and I went to sleep!"

Jimmer (trying to take a nap on the living room couch): "Mom, do you want to know why I'm not sleeping yet?" (short pause) "I can't sleep because I can hear the clock ticking and it sounds like Home on the Range...and it makes my tummy hurt."

(I was explaining Mikey and Kathleen's English lesson to them one day with Jimmer sitting on the school room floor next to me sweetly rubbing my leg. We had been talking about using good picture words to describe something--comparing similar features to other things and pointing out unique characteristics.)
Jimmer: "Well, Mommy has whiskers on her legs, so that makes her unique."

Jimmer (to Gramma): “Some of your front hair looks like Elvis, but you’re a lady!”

Jimmer (steering the conversation as someone was talking about having to weed the garden): “Speaking of weeds, this is something NOT about weeds…”

Jimmer (as Gramma talked about comparing costs of goods—down to each “square" of toilet paper): “Well, I like the circled kind of toilet paper because then it just unrolls from the wall.”

Jimmer: “When you have a birthday, if you don’t have a cake, do you still turn an age?”

Mikey (looking at the speedometer): “Daddy, did you press the gas pedal down to 70?”

Jimmer: “I want to do something special without the big kids like the 6, 7, and 8 year olds. I want to do something special with some young year olds!”

Jimmer (Right after he saw me hurriedly slip on the same clothes as the evening before.): “Mom, you look like the same person you were yesterday.”

Jimmer: “When Kathleen and Mary Kate are older, they can go to bunco with you, Mom. And when Mikey and I are older, we can go to work with Dad. We won’t have our own rooms there, so we’ll just stay in Daddy’s room (office).”

Mom: “Jimmy, why were you being naughty?”
Jimmer: “Mom, my head was just making me do it, and I was just trying to make my head stop doing it.”

Jimmer (sticking one of his fingers deep into his eye socket): “Mommy, when I do this, it looks like you have four eyes and glasses on your forehead.”

Kids: “We’re going to do a Christmas play.”
Jimmer: “Yep, Mikey’s going to be the housekeeper, and I’m going to be the three wise men. I don’t know who the donkey is going to be.”

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Angela said...

Laura- I LOVED reading these!! It is SUCH a great idea to keep a record of the cute things they say. You think you will never forget- at the time they say it- but you always do... until you read them again, after you've written them down! And then aren't you glad you kept track?