Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Story Craft

As I'm trying to make sure all of our holidays (holy-days) are learned and remembered by our kids as holy, I've done some fun activities with them to help them remember the "reason for the season". Here's one Easter activity we've done. I did this with our kids when our oldest ones were 7 years old and our youngest child was 3. Since it focuses on Jesus passion and death, it seemed too brutal to have the kids concentrate on this when they were younger.

Fill an egg carton with plastic, colored eggs. Number the eggs 1-12 and fill the eggs accordingly:

Egg #1: 3 dimes – Judas was paid 30 coins for betraying Jesus.
Egg #2: a piece of bread – This represents the Last Supper.
Egg #3: a piece of red cloth – Jesus was dressed in scarlet robes and mocked.
Egg #4: a piece of stick – They placed a crown of thorns of Jesus’ head.
Egg #5: a piece of string – This represents the whip used to scourge Jesus.
Egg #6: pieces of toothpick glued into the shape of a cross – Jesus carried the cross.
Egg #7: 3 small nails – Jesus was nailed to the cross.
Egg #8: a strip of paper reading “INRI Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews” – They nailed this inscription to the top of the cross.
Egg #9: a piece of sponge – They soaked a sponge in wine and tried to give it to Jesus while He was on the cross.
Egg #10: a toothpick with a red tip – They stuck a spear in Jesus’ side.
Egg # 11: a small rock or pebble – They rolled a rock in front of His Tomb.
Egg #12: empty – Jesus rose from the dead.

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