Monday, March 31, 2008

Jimmer Teaches Chimpy

Sometimes Jimmer doesn't like to do penmanship just for the sake of practicing and improving. So I'm always trying to devise functional reasons for him to write (write a note to someone, make a sign, copy something funny, etc.). My efforts have paid off, and this morning he came up with his own reason to write--to teach his beloved Chimpy. First he helped Chimpy by using the hand-over-hand method to teach him to write both of their names. Then Jimmer conducted an art class--same method--to help Chimpy draw his self-portrait!Now on to the rest of our studies!


Katherine said...

I'm sure Chimpy will get an excellent education! :)

Renee said...

Well that was a GREAT idea Jimmer! Thanks for giving me a good idea to use on my little guy. BTW, will you ask your Mom to send me some advise/links for info on homeschooling a kindergarter. Thanks