Sunday, April 20, 2008

American Heroes Celebration

As I was at home today planning for our next school year, Dad took the kids to Camp Mabry for some fun! A very able and enthusiastic father...and a charitable husband, no? This celebration was formerly called "Muster Day." Okay, a brief history review here...

Under the militia act of 1792, every able-bodied citizen between 18-45 was a member of the militia. Muster Day was the gathering where members enrolled in the militia. This day lost importance after the Civil War.

Can you tell what time period we're studying in history? Here's some of the fun they had...

Mary Kate isn't supposed to ride a bike for a couple more weeks, but we let her ride a horse? Well, the horse was pretty docile, she just sat on it, and it was being walked by a Buffalo soldier so it looked pretty safe! The kids also got to climb around inside a medical helicopter.

Jimmer on the sheriff's motorcycle, and Kathleen and Mikey petting a rescue dog.

Kids in a Black Hawk, the one our neighbor flies.

A WWII reenactment, and Dad in a fox hole with the kids.

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