Thursday, April 3, 2008

Balloons...Food for Thought!?

Ever since our neighborhood Easter Eggstravaganza, where one of the dads across our street was an "apprentice" balloon artist, our kids have had special balloon animals, swords, and hats magically appear from our talented neighbor. After his most recent practice (in our driveway), the kids took apart some balloons and realized that they could twist them back together in the original shape. Because we don't have one of those professional balloon blower-uppers, the kids resourcefully got out our tire pump and started in on our balloon stash.

After they popped a bunch of their first balloons trying to figure out the best way to pump with an overpowered bellow, they made a few formations of their own. They moved onto adding candle wax chips (you know, from our leftover Lenten wreath candles) and made maracas--shake, shake, shake! After examining some of the left over blown-up balloons, Kathleen saw some familiar shapes. So, she embellished (or garnished!) them a bit and ended up with a...chili pepper, and dog!Here she is with her lunch!

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Angela said...

How creative.... cute!!