Friday, May 2, 2008

Erie Canal--Eerie Mind

Mikey read a book about the Erie Canal last week. As I began reading about the canal for our history lesson this week, he stopped me and wanted to tell me what he read. He was fascinated by how it was built and thought it was interesting that it was only 4 feet deep, "...just like the Riverwalk in San Antonio." he commented. He continued about the Erie Canal, "Four feet deep and about 365 miles long." (Pause) "That's about how far it is from here to Lubbock!" Then he added, "They even figured out how to make locks back the locks we saw in Dubuque and St. Paul!"

First of all, I read the same book last night, and I couldn't recall how long the canal was. I asked him to find the book so I could check. He was right...and I only had to go through the book twice to find it! =) Secondly, I just looked up the mileage from here to Lubbock. It's 371 miles! Okay, what I want to know is how he finds, files, and retrieves his information.

Times like this make me happy that we take our long vacations by car...stopping along the way to see what there is to see!


Angela said...

that is so cool, Laura.

Well- not only are your children obviously very intellectually gifted (with parents like you and Joe, how could they not be?!?!) - but I think it is also the way you have committed to educating them. Not just by home schooling - but how you put such importance on books, real books, and how much they have been read to over the years and developed their own love of learning.

I love reading your posts like this because it is so encouraging.

Isn't that what every parent wants? A child who loves to learn??

Renee said...

Wow, he sounds like a very smart child. Don't you just feel so weird, when you think your child knows more then you?? HA HA!!