Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Fire Ants are Back!

It's that time of year! Now that it's warmer and we've had a little rain, those pesky little BITING fire ants have shown their icky little heads again. Our kiddos thought it was a good idea to mark all our fire ant mounds with these flags so they do not accidently upset the mound and get attacked by the vicious little critters. Thus, our lawn ornaments du jour... In case you're not familiar with fire ants...
They're tiny, so you rarely know they're on you. Their sting feels like fire (hence their name), they tend to swarm so it's rare to get just ONE sting, and the itch doesn't cease for a week. Lovely, right? Jimmer doesn't think so. So, he's going off to far away places with his lunch on a stick. (There really IS lunch in there!)He even came up with this mode of transportation--a gondola made with a Flowboard and a couple of sticks. He's on the right track. Fire ants don't live in water!Does anyone know if there are fire ants in Venice?


Angela said...

Urgh- I got stung by a whole swarm of fire ants when I was in Haiti. I had never even heard of fire ants, until- "surprise!" - or, it was more like , "ARGHGHGHGHGH!!!!!!!!!!"

I'll bet your neighbors just love you with the "decorative crate tree" and now flags all over your yard. Perfect!! :)

Laura said...

Well, our flags are still in the yard at the moment, but we took down all the decorations (except one rope) from our "Crate Myrtle" since we realized the other two trees were getting sprouts on them. Our crate was covering where sprouts should be! Just giving nature a chance.