Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Holey Moley!

As my cousin commented the other day that Mikey seems to have a steel trap of a mind, this is yet another account of the trivia that sticks in his gray matter.

As the kids were making First Communion cards this morning for their cousin Joey, I mentioned that there was a moleskin-like fuzzy covering on the bottom of a certain gift we are sending him. They all said something like, "A Mole? Gross...why would they do that?" As their teacher, I thought this was a great teaching moment so I got on the internet to get information on moles (thinking that they didn't know anything about them). When I showed the kids a picture of a mole I had found, Mikey said, "Do you know that they can dig 5 times faster than a mechanical mole that digs tunnels, although their holes are smaller? (slight pause) Can you find a picture of a star-nosed mole now?"

I asked him where he found his information on moles, and he pulled down our Audubon mammal guide and his I Wonder Why Encyclopedia off our reference book shelf and showed me. He sure showed me!


Courtney said...

I wish he hadn't asked about the star-nosed mole. That is one creepy looking animal!

That's an amazing story though! Tony always went to our encyclopedia shelf to look up something when he heard of it or didn't know what it was.

He told us later that he was under the impression that adults new "EVERYTHING" (good job, Mom and Dad ;-)) so he was actually nervous that he wouldn't be able to be an adult or be a good adult if he didn't know absolutely everything. This all stopped around 6th grade when he had a teacher who was wrong on many many facts (that he obviously knew were incorrect due to his crazy encyclopedic knowledge).

At that point, he realized adults didn't know everything, so he became a little complacent about all of it, and focused his memory on useless sports statistics and facts. For example, he knows where nearly every NFL player attended college -- and he usually knows some random fact about them as well!

Angela said...

Once again- chalk another one up for homeschooling!

That is SO cool.

Though, I have to agree with Courtney- I'm not sure I'm a fan of the star-nosed mole... ewww!