Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mary Kate's New Accessories

Mary Kate's reconstructive/plastic surgeon gave an "okay" to ALL of the activities she rattled off her list that she wanted to do--ride her bike and scooter, run, jump, swim in the pool and lake, hang on monkey bars, do gymnastics. About the only thing that she probably shouldn't do that she enjoys is climb trees.

During her visit, she also received some new accessories she'll have to wear for at least the next six weeks to help make her scar look as pretty as can be. Here they are: Mederma scar cream (with massage twice/day), silicone gel pads, and a wide ACE wrap. She needs these on for 23 hours/day, so I'm sure it'll keep her toasty warm as swimming season is just about here!

Here's a fully healed
"before" picture. We'll use it to compare to the one we'll take 6 weeks from now...when the scar should be flat, soft, and not red.

1 comment:

Angela said...

She is such a brave girl!!

I hope that all the "stuff" she has to put on doesn't bug her too much. Before you know it- maybe she won't even notice.