Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Our Green Anole Friend

Our kids found this lizard hanging out of our neighbor cat's mouth yesterday afternoon. No, the cat wasn't trying to eat it. He was just trying to have a little fun with this very natural cat toy. He stalks and catches lizards, lets them go, then repeats the chase sequence--a game. Our kids felt sorry for him, so they rescued him from the cat. Mikey is holding him here.So why is it called a green anole (the most common type of lizard around here) when it is obviously brown? Well, just give him a couple of minutes. He doesn't even need a telephone booth!
See, with a little warmth from the sun, he's now feeling more like himself--green!Our neighbor friends thought he was pretty neat too! The kids put him in their bug catcher for a little while for observation then let him go in our back yard so he could eat some dinner...and get rid of some of the bugs around here.

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Angela said...

That is so neat how they change color. God is an amazing designer, isn't He?

I have to say, though- I'm glad we don't have lizards around here! I'm not a huge fan. Though, if I had to choose, I'd take lizards over ALL our mosquitos!!