Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Our Seedlings Live On...

Less than 3 weeks ago, the kids and I went to the store and bought seeds and dirt. We planted a bunch of different kinds of veggies, herbs, and one type of flower. I just want to say that I'm not a natural gardener, and the only things I've planted and grown from seed are a few herbs and that funny watercress you put into a broken egg to make it look like hair and then cut and use it on one sandwich...then throw the egg away! So, imagine my surprise when our many seedlings actually sprouted! The most impressive plants so far are the zucchini since they are naturally large when they sprout and grow quickly. Less than a week after we planted the seeds we took off the cover and saw this. A few days later we transplanted the little pellets into real pots. Our zucchini was still growing well, and has held most of our children's attention. Here's the zucchini at 2 weeks.And at less than 3 weeks.

We hope to get these babes in a real garden that Gramma and Mikey, our new master gardener, have prepared on our side yard (not the same side as the giant sticker plant!).

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Angela said...

that is so neat! I really want to do something like that. But I just cannot seem to grow anything- much less keep the plants that we have alive! I would absolutely love to have a garden and grow our own veggies! Maybe I'll try something this year, like a pot of tomatoes. we'll see.