Friday, April 25, 2008

Our Swimming Season Has Begun!

The neighborhood pool is clean and ready, Mary Kate has been cleared to swim, and rain is on the way for the weekend. We must swim--NOW! No, the water is not warm enough for the average, fair-weather swimmer like myself. I didn't join them but happily took on camera duty!

Kathleen was the first brave soul.

Jimmer was quick to follow.

Mary Kate searched the depths...

The boys...
These are the same kids who also swam in Lake Tahoe last May when the water temperature was only in the mid-50s!


Angela said...

I soooooooooo wished we lived by you!

What fun! Okay- I wouldn't actually be getting in the pool, either- if it were still cold- but the kids would love it, I'm sure!

Just how cold was it, though? It sort of looks like your kids were the only brave souls out at the pool that day!

Dena said...

That's awesome! It is warm enough to go to the pool - I don't think I would jump in either but kids have no fear!

Renee said...

Well I finally signed up for Blog Spot, so I can now leave a comment. Man, my kids would really be jealous, if they seen the swimming pictures. They LOVE swimming, so we might open our pool on May 15th. I did take them to the YMCA the other day and they of course was just as happy.