Monday, April 7, 2008

Traffic Jam in the Living Room!

Before breakfast this morning, Mikey built this "dam" with a traffic jam on the top roadway.Kathleen counted the 71 cars on top, then Mikey estimated the length to be around 13 feet long, and he measured it at just over 14 ft. Then Mikey said, "Wow, it's the same length as a giant Japanese spider crab's arm span!" Sure enough, it is!I'd rather have a traffic jam in the living room than a giant Japanese spider crab!


Courtney said...

Wow, Mikey sounds like he has the same steel trap of a mind that Tony has! Tony's still pulling out random facts he learned when he was 7 or 8!

It frustrates his sisters to no end -- we think, "Why can't WE remember those things?!"

I don't remember what I had for lunch today or the name of the book I finished two days ago!

This blog is so much fun to read -- I keep checking back to see if there's something new!

Angela said...

Go home schooling!

Isn't that just like a home school kid to turn fun into facts?

I love it- your kids are so awesome.