Monday, May 12, 2008

Our kids did the windows on Mother's Day!

What is this all about?
Sometimes leaving childcare up to Dad is a much different picture than when they are left in my care. For example, after my nice breakfast in bed that the kids prepared for me yesterday (Mother's Day), Joe took the kids downstairs while I read the paper and got ready for the day. Since it was such a beautiful morning, we had all our windows opened. I heard it getting a bit noisy and I needed another cup of coffee, so I went downstairs to check out all the commotion. Here's what I found Dad letting them do.

Out from the living room...
Yes, he's going THROUGH the window.
...onto the deck

No stopping them now...

Cannonball #23

I believe we agreed not to get a skateboard ramp/jump....for WHAT reason?

Maybe we should put our solar screens back on the deck windows afterall!

We wouldn't want any "spread" eagles flying through our windows!

Afterthought Disclaimer: Oops! Just thought I better clarify... No, the kids weren't jumping over the deck rail into our pristine backyard pool--that we don't have! And no, we weren't letting our kids crush their knee joints by flying through the air onto hard ground. As a structural engineer who is Type-A when it comes to child safety, Joe hauled 2 full dump trucks of pea gravel into our back yard--coming in at 9 inches deep. The kids had a pretty soft landing! Much softer, anyway, than the landing I remember as a child when we'd jump off the roof of our garage onto a packed pile of snow!

And no, I'm not sure what we're going to do with all the pea gravel when the kids outgrow the playscape!


Angela said...

Wait a minute... WHAT?!?! Where are they doing cannon balls ONto??
The ground?? Ouch!

Lisa said...

Wow. That is scary! and a little funny. I like it because our boys call our baby girl cannonball. :-)
What would we do without boys?