Friday, May 16, 2008

Nature Fun Friday

This morning as Joe drove off to work, the kids chased him down the street to send him off, and they spotted a turtle in a neighbor's yard. Of course, this set off our "Nature Fun Friday"...even before all the kids had breakfast! They watched him slowly stick out his head, move his eyes round, and be brave enough to walk around...down the sidewalk, over the curb (clunk!), and down the street. I guess he's a city turtle! Here's their new reptile friend they named Buster (He's the small one in the middle!).

After fending off the kids' pleas to keep their new friend, I thanked my lucky stars when they noticed new growth on our neighbor's Sago Palm plant.

Here's a top view.
The Sago Palm in our back yard is a little further ahead and now looks like this from the top.
Look at the new still-curled fronds.
See how they slowly unroll into the straight frond spikes?
Our bonus nature friend who also enjoys our Sago Palm!
Kathleen, our Monkey #2.
An impromptu nature study...and I didn't even have to organize or plan anything. I guess I'll consider this another type of Good Friday!

1 comment:

Angela said...

I love your family- you guys always have so much fun together.

And GREAT pictures- interesting!