Thursday, May 15, 2008

Our Little Flowers

Today at our Little Flowers Girls' Club meeting, five of us moms made the girls' new uniform skirts. In all, 14 skirts were completed in 2 hours--with no injuries! Quite a productive sewing bee if you ask me!

I even hauled my old heavy Singer sewing machine, that my dad bought for me at a garage sale when I was in high school, to the meeting! It's a well-built, well-used work horse that never fails! Thanks for the great purchase, Dad! And thanks to my friend's son who carried my "horse" back to our van!

Here are the girls in their uniforms with their new (unironed) skirts.

Whoa! Two posts in a row showing Kathleen in a skirt. I'm sure that won't happen again, so take a good look now!

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Angela said...

They look so pretty in their uniforms! So glad the girls have such a great program to go through together. I am soooo glad I found the American Heritage girls- for Grace- as an alternative to that "other" group! We've loved it so much and spoken so highly of it, my Aunt is going to send her 2 daughters (age 9 & 6) next year!