Friday, May 23, 2008

P.E. Homeschool Style

Once in a while...and here in Texas, it can be a long is considered too warm to run around much outside unless you're wet. Today, on the heels of upper 90 days and this day over 100, the kids decided to forego their regular wiggles release, "Laps: Variations on the Theme" where each one decides on the style (backwards, skip, sideways, gallop, etc.) of each of their four laps they run around our yard.

Instead, they decided to stay indoors and do gymnastics...and other displays (?) of energy release. Good thing we recently picked up most of our people rollers (toys) off the floor!

Here are the kids in some of their glory!

This kept them busy for 1/2 hour. They would have gone on longer if I hadn't stopped them to finish more school work. Who knows how long they would have continued if I actually turned on some music for them. Maybe I'll do this when I'm fixing dinner tonight!

Sleep well, my children!

1 comment:

Angela said...

Too funny... what is next? First a ping pong table in the living room- then, flying acrobatics??? You are lucky you have such a big house!! :)