Friday, June 13, 2008

Bilbo TadFrog, nature's own transformer

We've decided to name our tadfrog Bilbo. It just seems to suit him. He had to have a name by now--especially today with such a dramatic day for celebration. He got his arms! Just last night they were stuck inside his little chubby torso, then out they popped (deflating his chest a bit, but I won't tell him!). The only hint of arms we had was a little bulge on one side looking like an elbow. They popped out of a hole and are fully functioning already. Take a look at our transformed tadfrog, Bilbo!

The interesting part about the arms is that unlike the back legs, they just seemed to magically appear. We first noticed the back legs a few weeks ago when they were so small they looked like they could've been something else that comes out at that end (!), and they were completely lifeless just floating and dragging along until a last week when we noticed they were more muscular and functional.

Our puzzled little guy looks a bit funny hop-swimming around trying to learn to use his arms and legs. We switched him back to the big tank and put a large rock in it for him to climb on, but he still seems to prefer his little plant! Now all we have left is to watch his tail disappear. Oh yes, a menu change. Bugs! Maybe I'll go to the pet shop and find something already caught and dried up!

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