Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

We realize that most people probably think they have the best dad in the world, but our kids are certain that THEIRS is THE most bestest EVER! They served Dad breakfast in bed today and presented him with all their homemade cards--always a highlight of our family celebrations. Kathleen even made up a little poem for him. Here it is:

I think we know a recipe that no one else has known.
The greatest dad needs some resting so he feels good here...and soon!
Oh, one more thing--thank you for the things we've done.
You know it has been fun!

While we let Dad continue to relax at home, I brought the kids to the pool. Even though we've had many (I've lost count) days that were 100 degrees and above already this year, it is still nice and cool at the pool early in the morning--say, around 7:30 or 8:00am! That is, if you're either in the shade or wet...or both!

Since there wasn't a cloud in the sky to give us any respite from the sun, we also figured it would be a good day avoid the great outdoors some of the day, so we went to the history museum and saw an IMAX show on extreme sports! In this picture, the kids are at the bottom of the star in front of the museum.
Although I'm sure there are lots of great dads out there, our kids know that they have the best there is! AND he's just as good a husband as he is a father!

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