Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Little Flowers Camp--Day 1

We had Little Flowers camp all afternoon yesterday. The boys played with other boy siblings while the girls cooked, baked, crafted, decorated cakes, sewed...

Mary Kate starting in her craft class.

Kathleen decorating her cake.

After the cooking class was finished, we brought the meal over to our priests at the rectory. (No picture. Darn!) Nine of the girls cooked arroz con pollo and charro beans. Another group of 10 girls baked corn bread and peach cobbler. The girls were excited to deliver the food to our priests' rectory. They had never seen where Fr. Danny and Fr. Brion live and thought it was great to be able to go through their house, into their kitchen, look in their back yard...envisioning what our priests do when they're not at church!

After cooking and baking all afternoon and delivering meals to two different rectories, all of us camp moms laughed when we realized what we would be feeding our own families for dinner. A couple of moms said they were ordering pizza. Ironic, no? We had scrambled eggs (got home at 6:45pm, Joe was gone [on a church tour with two other parish building committee members], I was tired.)...oh yes, and the girls' decorated cakes for dessert!

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Angela said...

Was it at your house? It looks like Kathleen is in your dining room.

What a fun thing for the girls today. Little Flowers sounds like a perfect program for them.