Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Little Flowers Camp--Day 3

Camping was the theme of the day. Dr. Leary (the other Little Flowers coordinator's husband) led some of the girls' scouting brothers in teaching all about camping basics. See Kathleen sitting down eating her dutch oven cherry cobbler? I wasn't expecting a real camp fire in their back yard...with a bunch of little girls running all over the place. Brave men! Prayers were answered and nobody got hurt!
Our girls were fired up about learning about camp cooking, camping tools/supplies, back packing...(Here's one of the Little Flowers...with a pack that's a bit too big.)...hiking, pitching tents, knife safety, and first aid. (Mary Kate learned to use her bandana as a sling.) It was about 100 degrees outside, and nobody was complaining--even when they felt the heat of the fire adding to the outside temps. What troopers!
There must be something with men only wanting to cook outdoors. These guys wouldn't even do the dirty dishes in the house. Oh no...only the garden hose would do!

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