Friday, June 20, 2008

Little Flowers Camp--Day 5

Last day of camp. We started out bowling in the morning with all the girls and their siblings. Here's Mary Kate getting her game on!
As a bit of a surprise, one of our priests (Fr. Brion) showed up to join the fun!
After bowling we headed to church, and Fr. Brion said a special Mass in the chapel for our group. The girls in the Mass class planned and prepared the celebration.
I just thought this Little Flower, one of the littlest at 6 years old, was so darned cute up there reading...standing on a step stool!
After Mass we had lunch served by a Little Flower mom...and HER mom!
Instead of Fr. Brion, I think I'll refer to him as Fr. Jungle Gym from now on!
To end the week, I called up each of the girls and presented them with their lapbooks--my work of mercy (!) for the girls.
The cover...
The inside...All the little books on the inside have the class title and contain all the instructions, notes, and recipes from each class. I also mounted a 5x7" group photo in a plastic sleeve on the back. The minibooks are held in the lapbook with Velcro dots.

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Angela said...

So fun to watch the pictures of the girls doing Little Flowers camp. Thanks for posting pictures! It will also be great for the "book" you make!