Sunday, June 1, 2008

Lubbock Rendezvous

We just rolled into the driveway this evening. (My last post was taken while we were still on our unexpected detour home!) It all started the Friday before Memorial Day on our roadie to Lubbock to meet up with the Albuquerque Crew.

We were all looking forward to catching up with everyone--especially since we didn't get to see the Albuquerque Crew for their usual spring break this year because Mary Kate had her surgery right before Easter. The cousins (and moms and dads) certainly made up for lost time!

The kids played...

and played...

and played.

We visited and ate...

and ate!

Our kids also wanted to impress Uncle Reinhard by speaking some German. They already knew the phrases, "Spreken ze deutch?" and "Ach nein!" Before we left home, however, they wanted me to find out how to say "uncle" in German. Turns out it's pretty much pronounced, "uncle" (the German spelling is onkel). So they cleverly asked him, "Spreken ze deutch, Onkel Reinhard?". Jimmer was unimpressed with the similarity of the word "uncle" in German, so he put his own German-Spanish accent on it when he asked the question! It sounded something like, "Ohn-KALE." with very exaggerated facial expressions!

You can click here to see more pictures of the few days we spent together.

After we said our goodbyes, we strapped in the van and headed for an unexpected adventure! I'll tell more about it tomorrow!

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