Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More than a gift!!!

Since the kids are at Vacation Bible School (VBS) at our parish every morning this week, I've felt what it's like to have the luxury of a bit of time to myself! I've been able to clean, organize, blah, blah, blah in peace and quiet!! Don't worry, I won't post any of my domestic accomplishments! I haven't taken my camera to VBS either, so I don't really have any appropriate pictures to post.

However, just this morning I received one extraordinary gift. A neighbor and fellow parishioner (I'll call her Ms. Kindheart) brought over a box, a bag and a case.

Ms. Kindheart's grand nieces take violin lessons, and I called her last month when I needed information on our neighbor violin teacher. After church last weekend, she asked if the kids had started lessons yet. I said they had and that I hadn't realized that I would need to learn to play and be their main coach/teacher/enforcer...but that I've always wanted to play violin, so it was actually an unexpected benefit.

Ms. Kindheart said that she had a couple of violins and that she wanted to give one of them away. So, she said that she'd like to give one to me. I got tears in my eyes at the thought of her generosity, but I still had no idea how generous she was...until she came over to our house this morning (while the kids were at VBS).

I secretly wanted a violin, but after forking out a goodly chunk of $$ to purchase 4 other violins, lessons, books, I couldn't justify buying one for myself. Afterall, I wasn't taking lessons!

When Ms. Kindheart showed up, she brought a box of violin supplies, a bag of books and videos of music and about playing violin, and a case with a beautiful violin. She said that she was just passing off some things she needed to get rid of! After she took out the violin and we fiddled around with it =), she said that I should look inside of the violin where the maker and date are printed. SHE JUST GAVE ME A VIOLIN THAT WAS HANDMADE IN 1910! I couldn't believe it! It looks and sounds beautiful! She even got a new shoulder strap and bow...and a tuner to give to me.

I felt like I just won the lottery or something. Well, my situation was much more meaningful though, because it was purposefully given by a very generous and kind-hearted acquaintance.


Angela said...

that just warms my heart. what an angel she is!!! i LOVE it that you have a violin now, too. you deserve to have something special like that. what a treasure! i am so happy for you, laura!! and i love the pictures.... the violin (and you!!) are gorgeous.

Courtney said...

I don't know the lingo, Laura (or at least I missed it if explained in earlier posts), what is VBS?

Also, I am so jealous of your natural musical talent. Sure I'd be happy to get a violin, but it would only act as a nice display piece on a shelf! My crowning achievement on the piano is "There's a whole in my bucket" and that basically hunting and pecking on the keys! It's amazing to me that you can just hear your way through it!

Laura said...

Thanks, Court, for pointing out my own pet peeve...unclarified acronyms. Shame on me! VBS stands for Vacation Bible School. I guess most of the signs and notices around here (you know, in the Bible Belt!) just say VBS these days, so I seem to only THINK VBS instead of Vacation Bible School!

Also...I hope I can live up to having such a nice violin. I'm worried that the only time I'll have to play is just to get the kids through their lessons. That means only SOME practice for me...or just enough to keep ahead of them. I don't think I can handle my own lessons just yet!

I was never trained well in piano let alone with the Suzuki method. That method would have worked wonders with me on the piano, I think. We'll see about the violin!

Lisa said...

It is beautiful - the story and the violin! Yeah