Saturday, August 23, 2008

Enjoying a new Olympic sport

What do you get when you have four children watching the Olympics for a couple of weeks? You get children who suddenly get even more active...and come up with their own unique Olympic sports!

I'm not sure what they call this new sport, but I think it may have been inspired by watching the equestrian competition--only they've increased the difficulty and execution by not using bridles...and they race (kind of) instead of jump.
This new sport also involves frequent crashes. Of course!

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l e a h said...

Ah yes. I remember doing the same thing back in brother was 8 years old...we strung an old rope between two trees and decided to have a ropes event in honor of the Barcelona games.

Two hours later, Jake's laying on the ground as white as a ghost, and three hours later he has a fancy cast on his arm.

I think I got blamed for instigating that one...being the big sister and everything.