Monday, August 18, 2008

My computer is on vacation--at the cyber spa!

Yes, I do like to update this blog more frequently. I was delinquent the first few days in not posting, but after that our computer got a little moody. I decided to give it a vacation and brought it to the shop. I used a computer once while I was at the library with the kids over the weekend, and now I'm using a friend's computer to check emails once a day.

So while our computer is at the "spa" getting rejuvenated, I've been a little frustrated yet refreshed myself. After the first couple of days of frustration at not being able to access everything at any time, I started appreciating the fact that I didn't need to hop on the Internet whenever something of wonder hit my brain or whenever my kids asked a question I couldn't answer. It's kind of like being on vacation with no TV or telephones--a nice break, but only meant to be temporary! So, as I look forward getting my computer back in the next couple of days I'll enjoy my old-fashioned life--B.C. (before computers).

I will say that I've gotten a little more school planning done than expected!


Angela said...

Okay- good- I was starting to get worried! ;)

Now, off I go to do some more school planning of my own tonight... I so badly want to get done but it's taking me forever!

Angela said...

All right- where did this computer of yours go to the spa? Some excotic location in Fiji?? Miss you! Miss reading about your lives!