Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Olympics--reality TV at its best!

We're not big TV watchers...except when it's an Olympic year! The kids have been very interested in watching the competitions so far, and it's quite fun to see them get so excited for the athletes!

As we were watching tonight, Jimmer had some classic one-liners. I don't even remember them all--he was on such a roll. Here are a few.

Jimmer (watching dressage): "That looks like Abraham Lincoln riding his horse."

Jimmer (watching all of the male gynmasts warm up before their competition): "Daddy, are those big, tall men?"

Daddy: "Well, they're young men with big muscles."

Jimmer: "But are they tall?"

Daddy: "They're usually not very tall. (pause) Maybe they're the world's shortest giants."

Jimmer: "Or world's tallest elfs?"

Then watching as the gymnasts started their pommel horse routines...

Jimmer: "Uh, I think that must be the world's largest mail box!" (Referring to the pommel horse!)

Then after watching President Bush hitting the ball around with the women's beach volleyball team...

Jimmer: "What if President Bush was wearing one of the women's beach volleyball uniforms?"
(Yikes! Let's try to erase that mental image!)

Mary Kate: "Hey, they're playing soccer in the water." (Watching water polo.)

Jimmer (following up with Mary Kate's comment about water polo): "Whoa, do you see their swimming suits? They look like girly panties!"



Angela said...

Oh- my- goodnees... thank you, sweet little Jimmer for an entirely LAUGH OUT LOUD moment. That is hilarious. Classic!!

Angela said...

Hey- where you are you?? I keep checking but no updates! Hmmm - I've got a novel idea... maybe I should just pick up the telephone (what's THAT in this technical email age!??!) and call!!

Are you off to WA yet?