Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Taste of Maine

A neighbor family just returned from their trip to Maine, so we got to enjoy the taste of Maine at a little block party cookout last night. When my neighbor originally asked if I wanted to order lobster, I figured I'd pass since I'm not a huge seafood fan...and frankly, wasn't too interested in cooking the wiggly things in my house! However, when I realized that we'd cook them all outside together in a neighbor's turkey cooker, I thought it was an experience that we couldn't pass up.

The gear

The victims

Ready to walk the plank

Neighbor with victim #1

It started to rain, so we couldn't hear them squeal...thankfully!

Our Maine connection with them nice and red--done!

Kids getting excited--to play with the tools...not to eat them.


Notice there's more steak on their plates than lobster!

Celebrating many August birthdays on our block!

Another late night for the kids...


Kris! said...

Wow do those lobsters look good! Thanks for stopping by AtHomeScience. Your blog is beautiful! I have it on my RSS feeds to follow.

Lisa said...

What fun! I love the lobster pictures!

Angela said...

You live in the best neighborhood!! You always have such fun things to do- that is such a blessing!

Renee said...

I LOVED Maine lobster, from when we lived there. I remember we only paid like $4 a pound. We will not pay lobster anymore, because we do not want to pay $14 a pound.