Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Another milestone!

Come quickly, Tooth Fairy!

Tonight, as I was trying to tidy up downstairs, the kids were upstairs getting ready for bed. It seemed a bit noisy to me as they were "brushing their teeth" so I called up to see if they were finished. A couple of minutes later, Jimmer came down stairs a little upset. Somehow, his loose tooth was made much looser by his sister's foot. (I'm still not sure how, exactly, it happened.) Anyway, the tooth was just dangling in his mouth. So, I just reached in and plucked it out.
After his sisters wrote a cute note with statistics of the event to the Tooth Fairy, they zipped it up in a baggie and walked with him upstairs to put it under his pillow. Jimmer is going to bed in anticipation of a visitor coming to give HIM a golden Sacajawea ($1 coin)!

A happy yet sad moment for me as our youngest has reached yet another milestone.

Right now, I can hear him asking Kathleen and Mikey about the tooth fairy.

Jimmer: "Does she just walk into your room and turn invisible?"

(I couldn't hear the response.)

Jimmer: "She probably has to wait around somewhere in our house until I go to sleep."

Mikey: "I guess so."

Kathleen: "Maybe she's tiny. As small as a speck of sand. Because she's so small she needs help carrying the golden Sacajawea, so she has to bring in a small crane. Wouldn't that be cool?"

Jimmer: "If she's small like a bug, I hope she doesn't get stuck between the windows like that one fly."

Kathleen: "Let's put it under your pillow."

Jimmer: "I want to put it under my bed. I hope I wake up to see her!"

Come quickly, Tooth Fairy! We need to get up at 4:00 AM and leave really early in the morning!


l e a h said...

Their dialogue is so cute!!

Renee said...

OMG, that part about a sister's foot in Jimmer's mouth made me laugh out LOUD. Thank you for sharing.