Saturday, September 6, 2008

Didn't you know we were expecting..? be Godparents?

We were honored last night at our new Godson's baptism.

This beautiful baby boy's parents are founders of a multi-faceted Catholic marriage ministry, The Alexander House, and will be hosting an upcoming EWTN series, Marriage Works in Christ: Broken & Blessed, expected to air in the spring. (Greg is 6' 7" so he makes us all look shorter!)

We had a fabulous time extending the celebration afterwards at a friend's home.

Since a diving board at a pool is a rarity these days, the kids made the most of it last night!
Again, the kids didn't get out of the pool until they were beyond shriveled!

Our lovely and generous hostess is on the left.


Kristin said...

How nice! Congrats on your godchild! :)

I am also impressed that your 5 year-old seems like such an avid swimmer. Do you have a pool? We don't, so I signed my 5 year-old up for lessons at the YMCA this summer. They didn't go well. He got water up his nose a few times and now refuses to go in any pool at all. Of course, he was extremely enthusiastic when we began, so now we have taken some steps back and have to work on alleviating all of that new fear. Grrr....

Laura said...

Kristin--We don't have our own pool, but our neighborhood pool is just a couple of blocks away. Jimmer has picked up lots of things quicker since he has older sibs to watch. He has been swimming pretty well for a couple of years. We've had a wonderful 65ish yo swimming teacher who can teach even the most scared kids to swim in just a couple of weeks--or sooner! A big help is that the shallow end of the pool is only 2-1/2 ft. deep, so even three year olds can stand with their heads out of the water which gives them total control.

connie said...

How nice to be chosen to godparent! And such a beautiful baby...

Please let me know when your friends' EWTN show begins. I will pass the info around here...many of my friends have favorite EWTN shows, and this could be their next favorite! Do your friends also do speaking engagements or marriage enrichment weekends?