Monday, September 29, 2008

Lakes Louise and Moraine

We headed further north into Banff National Park. The entire ride was full of jaw-dropping beauty. At every turn in the road, there was another magnificent view of the rugged, mostly snow-capped mountains. Although the Colorado Rockies are higher in elevation than most of the Canadian Rockies, they have more foothills that block the full mountain views in many cases. A ride through the Candadian Rockies, however, is an easy ride through the mountains that seemingly go straight up right next to you with breathtaking views of the spikey and rocky tops everywhere you look.

The kids spent lots of time playing on the shore of Lake Louise with the big rocks. We enjoyed a walk along the lake, then we went to Moraine Lake where the kids played on and moved lots of logs.

Lake LouiseOne of the striking features of the lake and stream waters around these glaciers is the beautiful turquoise color. It is created from the rock flour, a very fine substance ground up by the glaciers that stays suspended in the water so that the sun reflects the vibrant color rather than a darker color of the lakes we’re used to seeing. (Water inherently absorbs every color except blue and green, so those are the beautiful colors we end up seeing.) So, the rock flour particles enhance the vibrant color. Amazingly, the tiny rock flour particles are so small, the water is still very clear.

Jimmer and Grampy walking around Lake Louise
Mikey at Lake Louise
Moraine Lake
Jimmer moving logs
After our hike up to see Moraine Lake from above
(Moraine--An accumulation of boulders, stones, or other debris carried and deposited by a glacier.)

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Angela said...

These pictures are absolutely breathtaking! And, you look beautiful, too. LOVE the first picture of your family... christmas card, christmas card!!

What a super fun thing to do with Joe's parents that will be SO memorable for the kids... for all of you. I am loving these pictures. Keep them coming! I am sure you have more!