Tuesday, September 30, 2008

More Banff...I'm lichen this place!

We went on a fantastic hike in Johnston Canyon in Banff where we walked on catwalks (thin concrete slabs mounted along the sides of the canyons walls) through the moss and lichen-filled rocks and trees. Just beautiful!

Grampy and Jimmer on the catwalkWhat is the difference between moss and lichen, you ask (or maybe you didn't!)? Moss and lichen aren't even in the same kingdom! Who knew? Basically, moss is a plant and lichen is a combination of fungus and algae or bacteria.Of course, Joe wanted me to take a good picture of the catwalk structural supports. For the record, here it is. (This is right about where Joe lost his sun glasses!)
We found a oddly shaped tree that we named "Dr. Seuss Tree" since it resembles the bizarre pictures in some of the Dr. Seuss books. This tree had to fight for light by growing in a round-about way, I guess!If the water falls are this spectacular in the fall, I wonder what they're like in the spring with all the melting snow!
I guess we better visit here again in the spring to find out!
In the lower falls tunnel through which we went to feel the cool spray of the falls!

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