Saturday, September 13, 2008

NW Vacation: Day 2

Apparently, the kids didn’t think they had enough time in the pool when we first arrived at my dad’s in Chelan, so they first jumped in the pool around 8:30 AM and didn’t get out (besides for a snack and lunch) until 4:30 PM. They put in a full day!

Things got a bit interesting for a while when Mary Kate discovered a bat hanging inside the just-opened sun umbrella. She was so excited to watch this bat. I hesitantly took a couple of pictures. The bat ended up flying all around the back yard and ran right into Mary Kate, who exclaimed, "Cool!" as the rest of us shreaked, "Ewwww!" (I actually captured the collision on video.) It didn't want to leave and ended up in another closed umbrella...where it latered came out and finally flew away. Turns out that not many people like to get close to bats!

When Uncle Chris arrived with his dog Libby, it just got the kids all riled up even more. They threw a ball to her in the pool for hours…until THEY got tired of it!

Kathleen even jumped with Libby.
Then Kathleen spotted Grandpa’s golf cart in one of the garages and quietly asked me if you need a driver’s license to drive a golf cart. I told Dad, and he ended up giving them rides and letting them drive. Well, he got through only three of the kids…when…something...happened. He was gone with Jimmer for quite a bit longer than with Kathleen and Mary Kate.

Well, about 10 minutes after I took this picture with Jimmer and my dad—ready to go on their ride—they rolled the golf cart. Yep, Jimmer was driving on the golf course trail--and from what my dad said was doing a fine job—but one of the wheels went off the trail at just the wrong time (at a turn and a hill) and whooooooa, rolled over in slow motion.

Here’s an “after picture” which may not look very bad unless you look. The whole steel side support is complete broken, the double windshield was shattered, the whole sun shade in pushed down and back, and seat is broken.
Jimmer had a few minor and very superficial scrapes, my dad’s shoulder is a little sore, and it was a bit scary for both of them. After we finished thanking our lucky stars that neither of them was hurt, we considered it another crazy adventure.

Here’s Jimmer’s accident report: “Some golfers saw us and came over to help. The cart was smoking a little bit and was leaking gas, and it wouldn’t start at first. The men were talking to me and asking me questions like, ‘What’s your name?’ Then they gave me some ice to put on my arm where the cart landed on me.”

Our crazy little boy is also quite sensitive and was both a little shocked by the incident and horrified knowing that he ruined Grandpa’s golf cart. After all, Grandpa lives on Bogey Boulevard! Jimmer was pretty quiet for the rest of the day. Not a day he'll soon forget...especially having three siblings who will always remind him about it!

So, that was our first full day on our vacation. And I’d say it was FULL!


Renee said...

That is great that yall got to make it out to your Dad's and Doogie's this Summer. Maybe we will get to get out there one year. We MIGHT be moving again next Summer, so who knows when??? They are so lucky to live in a beautiful place.

Angela said...

WOW! That is quite an adventure- rolling the golf cart! I am so glad they were both okay. It is so fun to see pictures of your family with your Dad- and with Chris (I could see him in a pool picture!) please tell them both HELLO from me. I know it's been a zillion years- and they wouldn't recognize me if they saw me on the street (me and my family of 6!!)- but they look the same to me, even after all these years.

I also cannot believe how gorgeous the scenary. No wonder they live out there! Does it rain a lot where they are? Is the weather fairly mild year round?

Laura said...

It IS beautiful here. It's a desert area (so it doesn't rain much), but having a huge DEEP lake helps with the dryness. They get snow in the winter, and they're not far from the impressive Cascade Mountains. Lots of neat geological features with the buttes, canyon/gorge-type areas, water falls, etc. It's a fun little town with lots of other interesting places nearby that are worth a day trip.