Tuesday, September 16, 2008

NW Vacation: Day 6

Grandpa Terry and Grandma Doogie told us they planted a pine tree in their back yard every time a grandchild was born. (Besides our four, Doogie's son, Luke, has 2 children.) So, we took pictures of the kids next to their trees this morning. They planted 3 Black Hills Spruce trees, and one Colorado Blue Spruce tree for our kids. Here they are with their trees in the WAY back yard--just beyond their fence.

By the way, they do have quite a bit of lively fauna here. That's why they have fenced in their yard. Their cat also appreciates the fence since she was attacked by a coyote a few months ago while she was sitting right outside the fenced area. Amazingly, she attacked the coyote back and got loose. Almost unheard of!

Here's the view of the trees from near their house.

Late last night we heard a pack of coyotes howling. Well, I guess when they're by themselves they howl. I'm not sure how to describe what they sound like when they're in a pack. They kind of howl/bark/talk. I guess you'd have to hear it for yourself. If I hear it again, I'll try to capture it on video.


l e a h said...

We hear coyotes scream and yelp here, too!

And once, when I was in Arizona, I met one on an urban street while I was walking to work.

Their eyes are this eerie orangish-green color. If you can picture orangish-green.

Angela said...

That is such a great idea- to plant a tree each time a grandchild is born. And how creative that you took a picture of each child by "their" tree! Now- next time you visit- it will be fun for you to do the same thing and see how much both the tree and child have grown!!

Renee said...

Wow, thank you for taking picture around their place. If you don't mind and have time, will take more pictures around their place? So why do you the kids have winter type clothes on, when they where just in the pool the other day? I also heard about the trees. I guess that will be all the trees that they plant for us, because we are not having more kids....LOL