Monday, September 8, 2008

Rainbow Connections

After I took a picture of my chin the other night, I was going to write a quick post about the "rainbow connections" I've experienced recently.

The "connections" started early Friday. The kids and I were messing around in the living room when I lunged down to grab Jimmer...and he sprang up to meet me. The "connection" happened with his head and my chin! I thought, "Ouch, that's gonna leave a mark!" Jimmer came out with a little spot on his forehead. My chin swelled...but no mark.

Later that evening, we experienced our 2nd "rainbow connection" at our godson's baptism. He is named Javan, the name of one of Noah's (as in the Ark) grandsons. You know the rainbow connection there--the symbol of God's promise to Noah!
Saturday when I woke up and went outside to play with the kids, our neighbor looked at me and said something like, "Hey, what happened to your chin?" A nice "colorful" part of my rainbow connection with Jimmer had appeared--a bruise (and still a lump). The bruise is darker than it appears in this picture, it wraps around under my chin (rainbow shape?) where there's another dark bruise, and is yellow and bluish. Nice, right?!
THEN last evening after we had a few little neighbor girls over to paint their nails on our front porch--outside so as to avoid any indoor spills, I experienced our latest rainbow connection. This "connection" had to do with nail polish and our carpeting. As it turns out (and we're naming no names here, besides to clarify that it was done by one of my daughters...and we have only one girly daughter who likes nail polish), the spill just so happened to be made in the form of got it, a rainbow.(This photo shows at least a 4 ft. span of our carpeting...just as you enter the main area of our home after coming through the foyer.)

My daughter *thought* that all the caps were on tight and came running in the house with all the bottles to put away. Did I say running? I meant she was running and apparently swinging her arms from what the shape of the spill looks like.

The white shorts she was wearing were also covered with the were both walls of the doorway she was walking through! See her white shorts? They're now white and pink! (Anyone know how to get this stain out? I've tried nail polish remover and it still looks like this!)

My rainbow connections...

How divine!


l e a h said...

Hmmm. How to get the stain out...

Tear up the carpet?

Love your rainbow connections! When my husband and I went out for one of our afternoon walks well over a year ago, we just so happened to stumble upon this house...and made an offer the next day. We thought it was meant to be because there was a rainbow in the sky right over the house when the realtor showed it to us that day.

I love the name Javan! Some great names back in that Old Testament...

And you look beautiful with a colorful chin.

Angela said...

Oh my- that completely sounds like something that would happen to me...

I am so sorry about your chin.... AND the nail polish! Unfortunately, I do not have any good news about the nail polish. This happened to a friend of mine, as well. After trying nail polish remover, googling everything under the sun, and then having a professional carpetcleaner out... Let's just say- she ended up with nice new carpet.

Milehimama said...

Thanks for linking the poster! I just saw your sidebar - I LOVED All of a Kind Family when I was little! And the Great Brain Series, too.

I've never had much success getting nail polish out of carpeting, sadly. Supposedly it can happen with lots and lots of blotting, but I'm really lazy and actually just "painted" over our spill with furniture markers, LOL!

Kristin said...

You and I are accident prone! ;)

I actually spilled my RED nail polish on my CREAM carpeting earlier this summer. It looked like a mouse murder scene. I used Resolve carpet cleaner and (after a few times) it did come out. Good luck (and BTW...I love the song "The Rainbow Connection")!