Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What they do when they're left alone

Now that we've started school, we have more structure...but still, perhaps, a little too much free time!? This is what I might see running around the house if I leave our little monkeys up to their own devices.
Yes, Jimmer taped a pipe cleaner to his face for a mustache! His wig is from an old costume. The cowboy hat is from Mikey and Kathleen's fifth birthday party.

Then, I go looking for the rest of the kids and find this...

I'm not sure what Mikey was doing, but if I found him I'm sure I would get a dissertation like what he started as I was closing his door and saying goodnight last night. It went like this:

Mikey: "Mom, don't you think it would be scary if you were in the middle of the Step Pyramid and noticed that the whole thing was being held up by a couple of pieces of timber?"

Me: "Boy, I guess that would be pretty scary. Goodnight, Sweetie (trying to close the door)."

Mikey: "What do you think you would do if you were in there and thought thousands of tons of stones were about to fall on you?"

Me: "Whoa, I suppose I'd try to get out quickly."

Mikey: "It has over 4 miles of tunnels, and some of them were built to confuse people, so you might not even find your way out."

Me: "Pretty scary! Goodnight (closing the door again)."

Mikey: "You would be over 400 feet down. You wouldn't have any light, so you wouldn't be able to see anything. That would be pretty creepy, wouldn't it?"

Me: "Yep. Goodnight, Mike! Love you."

Mikey: "Goodnight. Love you."

The next morning (Mikey looking not-uncommonly tired)...

Me: "Mikey, you look a little tired."

Mikey: "Sometimes I stay awake at night thinking about different things."

(At least he has stopped coming in our room when he can't sleep!)

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Angela said...

Oops! I forgot to comment on this! I loved it. I can't believe Jimmer made that costume by himself! And I had to laugh when I read your conversation with Mikey. I can totally picture that in my head!!