Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fruit Rosary

To celebrate Our Lady of the Rosary today, we put together a fruit Rosary. Celebrating with food always goes over well--especially with a bunch of kids! I'm sure if I had planned better, I could have thought of lots of food variations to make a Rosary, but this is what we had around today. Mmmm...prayers never tasted so good!

53 grapes (Hail Marys)
6 strawberries (Our Fathers)
2 small celery sticks (cross)
some pretzels (corpus & Hail Holy Queen)
peanut butter (glue)

Assemble into the form of a Rosary, and say the prayers as you eat it!

[Today is also the 21st anniversary of my brother Mike's death. So, October 7th is very dear to my heart.]


Alice Gunther said...

That is so great! Simple, nutritious, and memorable!

Angela said...

Hi Laura- the fruit rosary idea is very creative. I am sorry I did not touch base with you yesterday on the 7th! I didn't realize it was the anniversary of his death. Thinking of you today, thought! The blog you put together in his memory is such a beautiful tribute. You are great sister.

Renee said...

Wow, that is really neat!