Sunday, November 9, 2008

An outing with Dad

Over the weekend, Joe took the kids to the Wurstfest for the annual 10-day "Salute to Sausage."

Pictures speak for themselves.

This is something that Joe allows the kids do when I'm not around. He lets Kathleen take a picture of Jimmer wearing his "meat mask"--created while they were eating lunch on the way to the Wurstfest, about an hour-long drive. This makes me so proud (sniff, and another tongue-in-cheek sniff).Joe did defend himself by telling me that he thought the mask Jimmer said he created was made out of paper.

One of their first stops after getting to the festival was to purchase some of these goodies.
Fried pickles.

Then, I'm afraid, they didn't stop with the fried foods. They forged ahead and made it to the next oily stand. As you can tell by the look on Jimmer's face, they really didn't need this fried, sugary treat. I think his eyes were still rolling in the back of his head from the pickles.I would have never thought to batter and fry Oreos.
Nope, couldn't stop there. They had to experience the fullness of what this German festival had to offer. So they continued on their journey, then stopped to taste a...Belgian waffle.

Waiting to take a ride on the Ferris wheel.
I'm not sure how this could conceivably happen, but the kids ended up getting hungry after running around a bit. So, the boys settled on having sausage on a stick.
The girls opted for corn on the cob--on a stick.If you're from Minnesota or Texas (as in state fair fare), you are aware this is something you just can't pass up--food on a stick.

This is also something you can't pass up--getting a picture of a guy, as Jimmer says, in leather shorts (lederhosen) with long socks.
Or a guy in lederhosen playing the accordion.(The women wear dirndls. Together, lederhosen and dirndls are referred to as Tracht.)

They also got to hear someone play an alphorn.

Observing all the people with in their bavarian clothing, listening to the different bands, and watching other people being silly with their interesting hats was a lot of fun for the kids.

This is what happens after our children get loaded up with lots of food and treats. They run like the wind! Just look at their eyes--glowing with energy to burn.
Mikey asked why everyone was drinking so much beer. He told me that most festival goers didn't even use glasses. They just drank straight from the 64 oz. pitcher. (If you're wondering, Joe drank Dr. Pepper from a cup!)

A wholesome outing, Dad style!

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Kristin said...

Deep fried Oreos? Belgian waffles? Food on a stick? I am so there! ;)

P.S. The meat mask was a hoot!
P.P.S. Where was Mommy?!? Hopefully you were doing something filled of pampering (but somehow, I doubt it!).