Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Homemade Christmas Gifts

Our children wanted to make some homemade Christmas gifts for each other. Not all of our gifts will be homemade this year, but I think it's a good start by having the kids make things for each other. I'll also hand make something for each child.

The kids realized that it can be tricky to work on their projects with everyone else always around. So, they even built a hidden workshop.They think it's really cool when they get to bring in a flashlight, turn it on, and work alone in their little cave shop. Sometimes a couple of kids hide away in the fort working on their projects. It's amazing how quiet they are when they are working so diligently!

Here are some of our works in progress...

Chimpy is having a fitting.

Here's another requested item that Kathleen is knitting.

Mary Kate thought up this one by herself. You can see the edge of her project on the right side, but we wouldn't want to give it away before Christmas, right?
Mikey is working on something with cardboard, but I haven't been allowed to see any of it yet.

Same for Jimmer on the secretiveness, but I know he's making something with felt.

Here are a couple of other projects going on around the house.

Children are naturally creative. I just learned to knit last year when Kathleen checked out a knitting book from the library. Now the girls are learning embroidery stitches, something I haven't touched since childhood. So, these homemade gifts are a way for all of us to use our give!

May you all give or receive something handmade for Christmas this year!


t h a i t r a i t said...


Lorie said...

How cute is that! I love their workshop. And good for them for learning all of those things. I wish I could do half of them!

Kristin said...

How sweet is that??? I remember doing projects like that as a child. You really seem to inspire creativity in your children. What a wonderful gift to them! :)

BTW...regarding your holiday photos...what about those four great pics with Santa on your header? They would make a great Christmas card! Have someone take one of you sitting on your husband's lap with Santa hats on, and you have your Christmas pic collage right there. :) It's probably easier to do it that way when you have a large family. Although, I have definitely seen some great shots of all four kids together on here!

Angela said...

That is just way too cool that the kids are making gifts for each other. I love that. I am sure they are having a blast and that at Christmas time, the joy and pride that they feel by GIVING the gifts they made will be more meaningful to them than any store bought gift they might receive.