Friday, December 5, 2008

Now Showing: Lights & Trains

No, this isn't our festively lit and decorated house. It's our neighbor's. See that boxey building (with no lights or decorations) to the left of this home? That's our home. We didn't want to make our neighbors look bad and go Griswold on them--you know, with an overabundance of lights. Like I've been trying to reinforce in our household for many years, we're all about simplicity! That's easier said than done in a state like Texas...especially when you have neighbors like this.

Check this out.Our neighbor builds this train platform anew every year. It displays two of his train sets.

He also annually builds an elevated train track system in the middle of his yard...and surrounds it with mulch. See the other train tracks on top of all their landscaping brickwork?

Well, last year they had five sets of trains going on all their tracks. See the track system on the brickwork around this tree?There's no train there this year. They only have four trains running right now.


I think they're building up for a finale of sorts, because they actually have a new train this year. They just haven't put it out yet. They're so tricky!

Every year, our neighborhood has a contest for best decorated house. I vote for our neighbors who have, for many years now, delighted kids and adults alike with their many train sets on display this time of year. Complete with chick-a-poof sounds and smoke. Outside. Every. Evening!

(Okay, so we're not ever actually asked to vote. But if I was...)

Did I mention that these neighbors also have almost 500 Santa figurines displayed in their home? (That doesn't even include their tree ornaments!)


Kristin said...

Oh. my. word. That is sooooo amazing! You are so kind that you don't want to make them look bad by showing them up with your own light display. They would feel even better if they lived next to us. We are lucky if we get the candles in all the windows (my boys don't like them on when they are going to bed).

Lisa said...

WOW! Griswold was the first thing that came to mind. How great that you can enjoy it all without having to do all the work or pay for it.


Kris said...

I am giving you the Butterfly Award, a pass-it-along type blog award.

See At Home Science for the details :o)