Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Random Acts of Studiousness

Stories by Jimmer

Days like this...

This morning, Jimmer presented me with an unsolicited, unassigned writing. He handed it to me and said, "I just made up this story for English class today." Since he just turned six, I usually don't assign story writing to him--although I do ask him to do penmanship, copywork, and a little journaling (one or two sentences with a picture). He was thrilled to surprise me with his story since he hadn't asked for any help with it.

It reads:

Once upon a time, the king
was mad. Since he was
mad, he was really mad.
He threw off his cap and he said, "Why do I have to be king?"
Suddenly, he snapped his finger and he
said, "I could let my brother
be king!" And his brother, Ro,
said, "Why do I not have a queen?"

Days like this...

The other day, Jimmer also wrote out his own history narration about the British and the Boers (diamond mining in South Africa--Nici, are you out there?)--before he practiced the use of word spacing. To understand what he's comprehending from a story, I usually have him do a short oral narration after I read history. I ran out of time to have him tell the story back to me, so he just wrote it down on his own and handed it to me. Way to pick up the slack when I get busy, Little Guy. Thanks! Maybe I shouldn't really claim to be the kids' teacher.

It reads:

The British
attacked the guerrillas
and three groups. The
three groups hated each other
over a million diamonds.
(They) were driven out of the
hole because (of) two boys.

Days like this...

Lastly, while I was creating this post Jimmer came up with another story that is quite timely. (The Christmas story starts in the middle of the page and ends at the top of the page.) It reads:

Middle of page:
Once upon a time,
the newborn king
was born in a
stable and his name
was Jesus, but
his mom's name was
Mary and the dad's
name was Joseph and three (fre!)

Top of page:
wisemen came with
gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

Thank you, Jimmer, for your random acts of studiousness.

I love days like this!


Kristin said...

Good for him! He seems to be quite the budding writer. Love it!

Renee said...

OMG-That is awesome! Way to go Jimmer!