Friday, January 23, 2009

Basketball and Chips :: Not a good combo

Isn't her smile sweet?

Look at those nice straight teeth.

Remember, this is our little athlete.

Normally, I think basketball and chips (with dip) go really well together. Today, I proclaim I don't like the combination of basketball and these kind of chips.

She got hit by the basketball. There's a small chip on one tooth and a bigger chip on the other.

Kathleen had perfect little buckies for only about 2-1/2 years. Makes me wonder what other injuries I have to look forward to. (At least she had her nice front teeth longer than I had my engagement ring--that I lost.) For the record, Kathleen has had two staples in her head and now two chipped front teeth. Her record is still better than Jimmer's.

I'll use this opportunity to add one of Kristin's original ideas--Flashback Friday. I just wish I didn't have this occasion to share these particular pictures.

Kathleen was the first to lose her front teeth. (BTW--She lost one of them the same way she just chipped her new ones--playing basketball.) Mary Kate lost hers about 6 months later...just as Kathleen's were finally emerging.

Picture taken summer 2006
If you click on the picture, you can see that little corner of Kathleen's front tooth coming in. That's the part that chipped off that tooth.

By November, Mikey had lost both of his...and Kathleen's were fully visible.

So, if you're wondering what to do when a tooth gets chipped (but isn't bleeding), here's what the on-call dentist advised: 1) Rub fluoride toothpaste on the chipped areas as this desensitizes the tooth a bit. 2) Take one dose of ibuprofen once a day for 3 days--not for pain but for inflammation. If there's inflammation around the nerve, it can cause further damage. 3) Make sure not to use the teeth to bite directly down on anything for 10 days. 4) Call the regular dentist first thing on Monday.

Of course all of these types of accidents seem to happen on Friday afternoons...or after hours. Why is that?


BrasherGirl said...

Even with two chipped teeth she is still smiling beautifully... Kathleen must be one tough young lady!

You're absolutely right. Those kind of things always do seem to happen when the dentist's or doctor's office is closed!

(While my boys have never experienced a chipped tooth before, I'm glad I now know what to do if it ever does happen. Thanks for sharing.)

Renee said...

OMG, I loved seeing the younger pics of them.

I have a chipped tooth and I don't eve know how I got it. I didn't do anything about it.

Angela said...

Oh- what a bummer!! That happened to Mike, too a few years ago. So far they've been able to keep in place, but her really needs a veneer. He keeps trying to make appointments- and I keep messing up his appointments (veneers are so expensive!!). I'm like- Honey- it's fine... you can't even tell. But he's so worried that he'll be up in front of a bunch of people at a customer and the piece will fall off! HA! When he puts it that way- I sympathize. And we were just talking today about when we get back he needs to get the veneer done.

Anyway- she still looks adorable- chipped tooth or not. ;)

Kristin said...

Oh no! I am sympathetic to you as well as Kathleen; that must be rough on Mom! She is a trooper, though; look at that smile even after the incident! I agree that things like this always happen on Fridays. Isn't that one of Murphy's Laws? I loved the younger pics of the kids, too. And what a great thought to include the treatment since you know some of the mamas reading this may regretfully have to deal with this dilemma one day, too. Lastly, thanks for the shout out! :)

Lisa said...

Whenever my kids have a big crash that is the first thing I am scared to see - a big hole where the tooth was. Sorry about her tooth. I'm glad you added those tips about what to do.

Those missing teeth pics are so funny. They are so baby-faced!