Sunday, February 8, 2009


Just in time for our 76 degree weather!

The girls wanted to learn to crochet, so I figured I better brush up on my skills. Mary Kate likes my hat and has requested a pink one for herself.

I want to modify the pattern then remake my hat. I don't like a few things about it. Maybe I'll just wash it and see if it shrinks more to my liking. I think I'll also make some matching wrist warmers and a scarf. (Yes, I get cold here in the winters. I've turned into quite a wimp, in fact!)

I'm also working on this fun and bright hexagon blanket by Lucy at Attic 24. The kids think it's pretty cool that we have 3 different blankets their great grandma crocheted. Maybe my future great grandkids will have a couple of my blankets someday.

Oh, yes. I should get around to teaching the girls a few more stitches as well! Then they can help with a couple of my hexagon rounds!


mrs boo radley said...

Great hat, great blanket! So talented, my friend.

Renee said...

I like your hat, I think it is very cute. I have been told my family that I am not a hat person.

Kristin said...

Wow...I would never be able to pull off that hat. Let me get this straight: You crochet, you cook amazing cakes and recipes, you homeschool your kids, you can pull off funky hats...are you really human?!? ;)

L a u r a said...

I think I've just turned into a big homebody. Let me assure you that I am not a technical perfectionist by any stretch of the imagination! (Don't look too closely at that hat.)

Doesn't seem too impressive when I realize that Laura Ingalls Wilder was doing this stuff at, what, age 7 or 8?

Kristin, the thought of teaching an annually changing large group of unfamiliar children makes me shake in my, uh...flip flops! I applaud you for that and for being so musically gifted. Unlike you, I have nothing worthy of recording.

Angela said...

that is so cool! How long did it take you to make that?

L a u r a said...

I did it while our family was watching some of the Planet Earth DVDs over a number of evenings. I'm thinking it took about 5 hours(?) total. Mary Kate's pink one took less time--maybe 4 hrs. I'll keep track better on the next one.

BTW--I did wash AND dry this wool hat, and I like the fit a lot better. It now also has a felted look.