Monday, February 23, 2009

Jimmer learns a "naughty" word

"Mommy, the word have is a naughty word."

When Jimmer said this to me, I was wondering where he got that idea. Did he hear another naughty word and get it confused with the word have?

"It's a naughty word because it doesn't follow the rules." he said.

Ah. Now I remember! (Phfew!)

In one of his reading lessons a few weeks ago, he learned that the word have is disobedient because it doesn't follow the same rule as the other short words with a silent e at the end.

Instead of having a long-a sound, it is disobedient...(or naughty!) and uses a short-a sound instead! Those little rule breakers.

I'm sure he'll be learning a lot of "naughty" words in his reading book. The English language is FULL of disobedient words!


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Lisa said...

You have such smart kids. English does have lots of rules to remember. We must all be VERY smart to remember a few of them.