Monday, February 9, 2009

Science Model

Any guesses?

Kathleen and Mikey are reading Blood and Guts. I love this book for their level.

They got to the section on lungs and decided to make a lung model...

...complete with a working diaphragm (cut off balloon on the bottom) to show that when it's relaxed (or arched up), the lungs deflate, exhale.

Now that the lesson is over, Jimmer has given this lung a workout!

I wish I had been able to make lungs in my physiology lab.

We're looking forward to finishing up the book with some more fun tests and experiments for the eyes, ears, balance, and nervous system.


Kris said...

Oh how neat! We haven't gotten there yet.

L a u r a said...

I'm sure you'd have a much more substantial write up, Kris! =)

Kristin said...

Reason # 27 why I teach English and not science: If I taught a book called Blood and Guts, you might see my actual blood (and/or guts) after fainting on the floor. I have a terribly weak stomach when it comes to blood. Ick. I hate even typing the word! I know, I am a serious wimp. But the model your children made was super cool! :) (And I can deal with lungs.)