Monday, February 16, 2009

Traditional Music Festival

The kids' latest violin gig was at a downtown arts center for the annual fundraiser for Friends of Traditional Music.

All went very well...

(fiddlin' away)

...until there were some featured students playing.

That would be when there were several songs in a row that Jimmer didn't play.

He was being pretty good at first.

Then he started yawning,

straightening his hair,

checking behind his ears,

and tapping both feet at once.

Then he decided to share in his own entertainment.

A bit of a sword fight with the bows started...

...and I was sinking in my seat.

Good thing I was in the back row of seats or I may have run up there to stop him...or at least may have made a scene by violently making gestures to get him to stop as I tried to stay in my seat. Again, I'm glad I was in the back row, helpless.

Another 6 year old girl was doing similar things and lifting up her dress and all, so I guess I shouldn't be so hard on Jimmer.

They loved the green room(s) because that's where the cookies and drinks were located. I'm just happy the adults at the arts center were thoughtful enough to wait until AFTER their performance to offer them cookies. Who knows what antics Jimmer would have come up with if he had been sugared up beforehand!

After they all got a few cookies and some soda in them, we sat in on a kids' fiddle work shop. It was basically a little jam session where professional musicians helped kids learn how to jam together with different instruments--violins, guitar, banjos, etc. Maybe our kids will partake in one of these clinics next time.

Since my new camera doesn't have a video feature, I still have to figure out how to get video uploaded on here from our regular video camera.


mrs boo radley said...

Still laughing at the pictures of Jimmer!

Kristin said...

I love that why you were slinking in your seat, you were photographing the whole thing for posterity. That was a hilarious post, Laura! It reminded me that it isn't only my kids who do things like that. And I do the same thing -- I look around to see if any other children are misbehaving so that I feel much better. Not that my children ever misbehave in public. Ha! :)

Kristin said...
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Kristin said...

That should have been "while you were slinking in your seat..." but you knew what I meant. :)