Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring :: Nature at our Front Door

A true Texas spring.

One day we're swimming in the unheated neighborhood pool.

The next day we have quarter-sized hail.

(The picture above shows the hail just as it fell near our front door. About 25% of it was quarter sized. Don't you love it when nature provides math lessons?)

Thirty minutes after the hail storm was over, it was sunny again...and nice and cool!

Kids have fun any way spring rears its head!

(Don't worry. The hail storm was over before we let the kids outside to play with nature's marbles.)

March came in like a lion...and may just leave like a lion.

Okay, so the March lion/lamb thing has more to do with the constellations than the weather.

Here's to spring...any way it comes and goes!

Addendum: Below is a photo a friend took of the hail they had in another part of town.

Here come all the roofers again...


mrs boo radley said...

At first when Google reader loaded the small close-up of the hail, I thought it was a picture of cherry blossoms!

L a u r a said...

Cherry blossoms...that would've been lovely. Many of our new little blossoms on the bushes and trees are now looking a bit ragged on the ground. =(

Angela said...

Wow! that's some decent size hail for the kids to play with! Anyway- I checked your weather in the paper this morning- like I do every morning- and it says 80 degrees... so I don't feel that sorry for you ;)

Kristin said...

That is the coolest hail I have seen in a long time! I remember when I was little, my parents used to put aluminum trays outside to collect the hail and then bring it inside, shake a little sugar on it, and we would eat some. Have you ever haerd of people eating hail?!?! Could *that* be what is wrong with me now?!?! ;)