Saturday, April 4, 2009

Kids' Kitchen Counter Study

This had been on our counter for hours yesterday before I took a look and really noticed everything.

One of the kids must have been having a little snack examining their recent nature finds.

I had noted the apples and shells earlier.

(Shells are always a cool thing to study. There's gotta be a good Fibonacci number study in these shells.)

But I had overlooked the live lizard in the bug catcher...

...on our kitchen counter!

The beauty of nature always seems to surprise me...especially when it's in an unexpected place!

He was later released into his natural environment.

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Angela said...

Your kids are so FUN with their nature projects. I bought a tadpole "habitat" and just ordered the tadpoles now. I made SURE they were indigenous to MN so that we can release them in to the pond out back after they become frogs! I am not about to be caring for and cleaning a frog tank every week. But, it should be fun to see the transformation!